Weight Loss Meal Plans

Start your weight loss journey today with our fat loss meal plan

Looking to lose weight, shred or tone up? Then this is the plan for you. Our high protein meals will help you stay on track with your nutrition while losing weight fast.

Your diet is responsible for 80% of your weight loss. Our meals are designed by dietitians, cooked by chefs and are perfect for those wanting to lose fat. This plan is great for either a sedentary or mildly active person looking to lose weight.


Fat LossSuitablefor
325Average calper meal
2Mealsper day
  • 400-550 Ave Cal/Meal 250g Serves$8.95 Per Meal
  • 250-400 Ave Cal/Meal 250g Serves$8.95 Per Meal
  • 550-700 Ave Cal/Meal 500g Serves$10.70 Per Meal
  • 400-550 Ave Cal/Meal 350g Serves$9.95 Per Meal