Fitness Meal Plans

Fuel the burn with our performance meal plan

Our performance meal plan includes high protein, clean and portion controlled meals to assist you in maintaining peak performance with a healthy and balanced diet.

Suitable for if you are wanting to improve body composition, or an athlete looking to fuel your workouts.

High performance meals are designed by our dietitian from the Nutrition Code,  cooked by experienced chefs and blast frozen using only the highest food quality standards

– Home delivered
– No lock-in contracts
– Locally sourced and produced


Active PeopleSuitablefor
475Average calper meal
2Mealsper day
  • 400-550 Ave Cal/Meal 250g Serves$8.95 Per Meal
  • 250-400 Ave Cal/Meal 250g Serves$8.95 Per Meal
  • 550-700 Ave Cal/Meal 500g Serves$10.70 Per Meal
  • 400-550 Ave Cal/Meal 350g Serves$9.95 Per Meal