Fat Loss Plan

Start your fat loss Journey today with our Fat loss meal plan

Try our great tasting, dietitian designed and chef prepared fat loss meal plan with all your meals delivered to your door! Stay on track with your nutrition while losing weight at a healthy and manageable rate.

To lose weight effectively your diet is responsible for about 80% of your success, so if your slaving away in the gym or exercising and not seeing the results you desire then you need to pay closer attention to what you eat. Our meals are designed by dietitians and cooked by our chefs and are perfect for those wanting to lose a bit of excess fat.
This plan is perfect for you if you are either a sedentary or mildly active person looking lose weight or stay on track with a healthy and nutrient rich diet that tastes great and keeps you on track with your weight loss goals.


Fat LossSuitablefor
325Average calper meal
2Mealsper day

Our Meal plans

  • 250-400 Ave Cal/Meal 250g Serves$8.95 Per Meal
  • 550-700 Ave Cal/Meal 500g Serves$10.70 Per Meal
  • 400-550 Ave Cal/Meal 350g Serves$9.95 Per Meal

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