Muscle gain plan

Want to put on size? Your gains start now with our protein. Packed Muscle Gain meal plan.

With a whopping 480-520g per serving the largest on the market, you will no longer be feeling hungry or dissatisfied.

We have packed our Muscle Gain meal with lean protein, complex carbs and fresh local vegetables to keep you fueled throughout your workout and supply your muscles with the right nutrients to maximise those gains.

This plan is for you if you are a highly active male or female looking for a high protein diet.


Muscle GainSuitablefor
625Average calper meal
2Mealsper day

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  • 250-400 Ave Cal/Meal 250g Serves$9.25 Per Meal
  • 550-700 Ave Cal/Meal 500g Serves$10.70 Per Meal
  • 400-550 Ave Cal/Meal 350g Serves$9.70 Per Meal

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