Making Thai Cuisines at Home: How to Prepare Mouthwatering Thai Green Chicken Curry

There are strange, awesome, forces at work in Thailand that make their cuisines standout. If you have probably interacted with people who have toured Thailand or visited the country yourself, you will attest the fact that their food is largely traditional, handmade, and mouthwatering. The flavor, fragrance, lightness, and unique creaminess, all in one package, make it irresistible. 

Thai food stands out from other cuisines because of specialty in spicy flavors. The foods provide a clear balance between flavors that include spicy, salty, bitter, sour, and spicy. The thrill of Thai cuisines makes visitors start wondering: “Where can I get such delicacies back home?” 

Now, the answer, to the question is closer than you can imagine: preparing the best Thai Cuisines right at your home. You no longer have to wait for holiday time to travel back to Bangkok to enjoy the meal of your life. We will tell you how to prepare the best Thai Cuisines. Here are some simple steps to a great Thai Green Chicken Curry.



Preparing Mouthwatering Thai Green Chicken Curry

Note that when preparing Thai cuisines such as Thai green chicken curry, especially for the first time, it is prudent to be careful. Make sure to put special focus on the herbs that give the cuisine a lovely aroma. As you master the skills, both the process and delicacies will be truly fun.
  • Ingredients

    • Average size (about 400-450 grams) of chicken breasts or thighs (cut into pieces).
    • About ¼ kilogram of potatoes (cut into pieces).
    • About 100 grams of green beans.
    • 1 tablespoonful of sunflower oil (any other vegetable oil is ok).
    • 1 garlic clove (evenly chopped).
    • About 4 tablespoonfuls of Thai green curry paste.
    • 400-450ml of coconut oil.
    • 2 tablespoonful of Thai fish sauce.
    • About 1 tablespoonful of caster sugar.
    • 2 shredded kaffir lime leaves (go for fresh leaves).
    • A handful of basil leaves.
    • Boiled rice (if you cook the rice earlier, keep it hot. But you can also cook it concurrently with the chicken curry).
  • The Procedure

    1. On a pan of boiling water, put your ¼ kg boiled potatoes and cook for about five minutes.
    2. Add the green beans and cook for about three more minutes. This is ample to make the beans tender but not extremely soft. Drain the water and keep separate.
    3. On another frying pan, heat the sunflower oil, then, put the chopped garlic. Cook to golden brown. This should take only a couple of seconds.
    4. Add the Thai green curry paste while stirring gently. Cook for a couple of seconds to allow the spices to start releasing the lovely aroma.
    5. Add the coconut oil and cook until it starts releasing bubbles.
    6. Add the Thai fish sauce, caster sugar, and chicken pieces, while stirring slowly. Then, lower the heat, and cover with a lid. Allow to cook for about eight minutes. At this point, the chicken should be well cooked.
    7. Introduce the potatoes and beans, and allow them to get warmed by the coconut milk. Then, add the kaffir leaves.
    8. Add some basil leaves. Note that the basil should only be allowed to heat briefly to ensure they retain their brightness.
    9. Scatter using lime to dress up. Finally, serve with hot boiled rice.
The Thai green chicken curry will truly hit the spot and rekindle the lovely memories of your special moment in Thailand. Like we have demonstrated, it is pretty easy and most of the ingredients readily available. So do you want to make a special meal for a special person or a special personal treat? The Thai Green Chicken Curry will never disappoint!