Q. What is the best method of re-heating my meals? 

A. Place your meals in the refrigerator overnight to defrost. 200g and 250g should only need 2.5 - 3 minutes on high when reheating from the fridge. 350 and 500g will need 3-4 minutes minutes depending on the microwave.


When reheating from frozen:


  • 200g & 250g - Remove lid, Microwave for 2.5 minutes, leave to sit for 2 minutes, microwave for a further 1-2 minutes or until heated throughout.
  • 350 & 500g - Remove lid, Microwave for 4 minutes, leave to sit for 2 minutes, microwave for a further 1-2 minutes or until heated throughout.

Q. When does my order have to be placed by?

A. Sunday midnight (12am) is the cut-off to receive your meals the following Wednesday/Thursday/Friday depending on your location. Please search pick-up locations to see what day/time your meals will be ready to collect. 


Q. If I am signed up to an on-going order (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) do I need to order each week? 

A. No. However, should you want to make changes to your menu please login to "My Account" nd do so by midnight Sunday for meal changes to take effect in your next delivery. Cancellations/Pauses must be submitted by 3pm AEST Friday to take effect for the following week. 

Q. When are deliveries made?
Location specific. Please search in pick-up locations for your specific destination. These range from Monday - Friday. 


Q. Are there any lock-in contracts?

A. No way! You can order as often as you like. Order weekly, fortnightly or whenever your freezer needs a re-stock. To order a once-off box, select "1 week only" as your payment method.


Q. What is the cancellation policy for my on-going order?

A. We ask that you give us 7 days notice to cancel your on-going order. The latest possible time to cancel is by 3pm Friday for delivery the following week. 

Q. Please explain the set-up of the 4 meal plans?
A. GFA provides 20 meals per box. These meals are designed to cover you for 5 days per week. for 4 x meals per day, order weekly. For 2 meals per day, order fortnightly. For 1 meal per day, order monthly. Or order a once off box of 20 for your convenience. 


Q. How often does the menu change? 

A. We are constantly changing our menu. New items will come in periodically and replace existing items. This means that in some instances, you may receive a new menu item in place of an existing item as it is discontinued. 

Q. Why is it set up this way?
A. There is method to our madness! GFA caters for the time-poor individuals who still want perfectly balanced meals during the week, but do not have adequate time for meal prep. We also leave the weekends free so you can indulge a little, be social with your friends & maybe even give your culinary skills a brush-up in the kitchen!

Q. Can I alter the menu to suit myself?
A. You can certainly change meal for meal. Example:if you do not like Pork you can substitute another chicken or beef meal for those containing Pork. However, you cannot substitute sizes (250g for 350g or visa versa). Be aware that substituting meal for meal will slightly alter the nutritional content of your pack.


Q.What if i require more cal than the reccomended pack provides?
A. Please visit our "Snacks" section to view some recommended snack ideas that will fit your macronutrient needs. We recommend that you supplement your meals with healthy snacks and shakes.


Q. Who cooks the meals?
A. We have a team of chefs who prepare the meals weekly and blast freeze them to lock in the freshness! We have a food production facility in Townsville (QLD) and another in Adelaide (SA). 

Q. Do you use any artificial products or preservatives?
A. Absolutely not! All of our produce & meat is cooked each week.

Q. When can I start to see results?
A. Like anything, everyone is diverse and each person will respond differently to GFAs meal plans. We recommend trying our meals for 12 weeks for optimal results however, some people may see results within 4-8 weeks.

Q. Do I need to exercise as well as eat right?
A. Exercise is vital to achieving body shape or body composition goals as diet & exercise go hand in hand. You will have a better chance of reaching your goals if you combine the two. Please contact us to discuss your goals & we can assist you with selecting the right pack for you. We can also point you in the right direction for an exercise program or a Trainer in your area to suit your needs.

Q. Where do I find the nutritional information for each meal?
A. Click the magnifying glass on the image card.

Q. Are there any additional fees I need to know about?
A. There is a 1.5% credit card fee on each once-off payment. Ezypay is our direct debit company, their fees are listed in our order section after you choose an ongoing order (Weekly/fortnightly/monthly). Delivery charges may be extra depending on your location. If applicable, These vary between $10 - $16.50.


Q. What happens to the Poly Boxes?

A. Please return these to: 

Townsville/Cairns: Pick-up point or our kitchen 1/547 Woolcock Street Mount Louisa. 

Adelaide/Victoria: Home delivery - Please leave on your doorstep with ice packs for the next delivery driver to collect, or return to 44-46 Merchant Crescent Pooraka. 

Other locations: We ask that you dispose of these thoughtfully. Fruit and Veg suppliers often take them and recycle them for you!