We combine experience and science to provide carefully balanced meal plans for a variety of needs.

Our meals are designed to help you achieve your fitness or body composition goals fast! We balance your macronutrients (Carbohydrates/fats/protein) & serving sizes for optimal gains in your program. All of our meals are cooked to order, snapped frozen and shipped weekly.

You can order as a once off, or a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly delivery.


We know how hard it is to find the time to eat healthily while working long hours, exercising, and trying to have an active social life.

We also know how important it is to have a holistic approach to lifestyle, which is why our system allows you to cook for yourself & spend time with your friends and family on weekends.

We eliminate YOUR prep, cooking & cleaning time during the week. We give YOU more time to focus on YOU while knowing that your nutrition Is on track to reach your goals each week!

EST. 2O15

Established in 2015, Gym Food Australia has always strived to make healthy eating easier and more accessible to people across Australia.

Initially servicing just a few regional towns across North Queensland, GFA is now one of the few Meal providers that offer an Australia wide service.

All meals are designed by our team of Chefs, Exercise Physiologists, a Dietitian and our Food Scientist. Thus ensuring the finished product is:


compatible with
our Ethos.


Delivery to my door in regional Victoria with food that suits my tastes. I have had several questions that have been answered super fast and by friendly staff. Couldn’t recommend them enough thanks Gym Food Australia!

Chani Cook

I just ate my first meal from Gym Food Australia and it was packed with flavour – absolutely fabulous! A great way to eat and lose weight as well as being reasonably priced!

Sharni O'Donnell

These guys are great. I am from Melbourne and have tried some of their plans and I cannot fault them. I have been using them for a few weeks now and the meal proportion is just right. You should definitely give them a try. The extras are fantastic; highly recommend their omelettes, and their customer service is fantastic if you have any questions.

Marc Kearney

Myself and my partner get these every fortnight and they are delicious!!! With 2 very busy jobs, 4 kids between us and little time to meal prep and wash up dishes, we find these quick and easy. It frees up a lot of time to spend with each other and the kids!! Highly recommend!

Chantelle O'Neill

Been using Gym Food Australia for the last 6 months and it has definitely helped with getting enough calories and protein in for the day. Great for those who are time poor! The meals are super tasty and they offer great variety. Highly recommend trying!

Adam James

What can I say… GFA are the best meal prep company by far. I have tried other meal prep companies and GFA, in my eyes and tastebuds, outlast the rest. They have an amazing range of choices and taste incredible… and at such a great rate. I highly recommend them when you are next looking at meal prep for any goal. Keep killing it GFA! My two fave meals are the Hungarian Goulash and the Honey Soy Beef.

Johnny Walter

I’m loving everything about the choice in foods, how quick and easy it is and how it fits in with my lifestyle.. Adding into the eating plan is my training and it works well.. I recommend it to anyone that needs a change because it does work. I find myself thinking about my choice in food on the weekends and cutting down on the quantity too.. Thanks for all the support too!

Sarah R
Trevor Butler