What we do ?

We combine experience and science to provide carefully balanced meal plans for a variety of needs. Our meals are designed to help you achieve your fitness or body composition goals fast! We balance your macronutrients (Carbohydrates/fats/protein) & serving sizes for optimal gains in your program. All of our meals are cooked to order, snapped frozen and shipped weekly.

All of our packs contain 20 meals that you can order as a once off, or a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly delivery.


Why we do it….

We know how hard it is to find the time to eat healthily while working long hours, exercising, and trying to have an active social life. We also know how important it is to have a holistic approach to lifestyle, which is why our system allows you to cook for yourself & spend time with your friends and family on weekends.  We eliminate YOUR prep, cooking& cleaning time during the week. We giveYOU more time to focus on YOU while knowing that your nutrition is on track to reach your goals each week! 



Established in 2015, Gym Food Australia has always strived to make healthy eating easier and more accessible to people across Australia.

Initially servicing just a few regional towns across North Queensland, GFA is now one of the few Meal providers that offer an Australia wide service.

All meals are designed by our team of Chefs, Exercise Physiologists, a Dietitian and our Food Scientist. Thus ensuring the finished product is:

  1. Nutritionally compatible with our Ethos
  2. Great on the tastebuds
  3. Made with our client’s goals in mind


Our 4 x meal sizes are explained below.


Fat Loss 2OOg serves (Approx. 12OO Cal when eaten as 4 x meals daily):

This plan is built for those wanting to lose weight on a relatively strict plan of 4 x meals per weekday, plus Breakfast at 2OO-3OO Calories (depending on the meals you select in your plan).  

  • Best eaten as 4 x meals daily
  • Can be eaten as 1-2 meals daily however will require other meals/snacks to make up daily calories.


  • Mostly suited to sedentary to mildly active females looking to lose fat/weight.
  • Commonly used by males/females for rapid weight/fat loss.


Muscle Tone 25Og serves (Approx. 16OO Cal when eaten as 4 x meals daily):

This plan is a step up in terms of Calories, from the Fat Loss plan. 16OO Calories includes a breakfast of 3OO-4OO Calories

  • Flexible meal plans – Can be eaten as 1/2/4 meals per day comfortably with supplementation from other snacks and meals.
  • A great option for Lunch and Dinner only


  • Commonly used for weight/fat loss in those who are more active than above.
  • Suitable for some training females
  • Sedentary men with weight/fat loss goals
  • Those looking to decrease their portion sizes.


Lean Muscle 35Og serves (Approx. 2OOO Cal when eaten as 4 x meals daily):

Another step up in serving size and as such calories. 2000 Calories includes a breakfast of approx. 3OO-4OO Calories.

  • Great size for a once off meal. Eg Lunch/Dinner only
  • Perfect for post-workout re-fuel


  • Training males
  • Larger males looking to lose weight gradually
  • Training females
  • Those wanting meals for convenience

Muscle Mass 5OOg serves (Approx. 2600-27OO Cal when eaten as 4 x meals daily):

Our largest serving size with the most protein, carbs, fats and calories. 26OO-27OO Calories daily includes a breakfast of approx. 300-400 Calories.

  • Big serving sizes appropriate for once off meals Eg Lunch or dinner only
  • Recommended to heavy trainers only


  • Training males and females looking for a high protein diet
  • Not suited to those with weight/fat loss as a goal.
  • Those who want large serves in the freezer for convenience